Terms and conditions

I.                    Rental Conditions

The minimum rental period of the cars we offer is 3 days, that is 72 hours, which means that you cannot rent a car from us for a shorter period of time.

If for various reasons you will be late regarding the deadline for returning the car, you should know that the first hour of delay is free, after which you will be charged, according to the car rental contract.

Likewise, if you book a car with delivery and/or collection at an address indicated by you and you do not honor the order, you are directly responsible and must pay the delivery or collection fee.

We do not accept more than two additional drivers, and the contract cannot be made for more than two people who will drive the car.

We do not include the price of fuel in the rental price, which means that it must be paid by you.

Customers will have to return the rented cars in the same technical and aesthetic conditions, and with the level of fuel they had at the rental when the cars were picked up.

If you want to rent a car, you must be at least 23 years old, and we cannot rent a car if this condition is not met.

You must have a license that is older than 12 months, and we do not rent any car, if you do not fulfill this condition.

Payment of the guarantee for the rented car:

Regarding the guarantee, we can say that it is the customer's franchise in terms of the FULL CASCO insurance contract, which means that he is protected in case there will unfortunately be some damage caused to the car due to his fault.

Regarding the guaranteed value, we can say that it is usually between 100 euros and 2000 euros, and its price depends on the car you want to rent, its price, and the benefits it offers.

Regarding the payment of this guarantee, we can add that it can be done with a credit card or cash, and it will have to be done when you take over the car and start your journey.

This guarantee payment will have to be made regardless of the period for which you want to rent a car.

You can also opt for additional insurance and in this sense a rate will be established depending on the car you want to rent and the period for which you want to do this. This kind of insurance is the one according to which you will get rid of any additional cost in the event of breakdowns or damages occurring in the case of the rented car. But this insurance cannot cover the damages caused as a result of improper use of the vehicle, smoking, damages that can occur voluntarily / involuntarily inside the car. Also, this insurance does not cover acts of vandalism, damages caused by non-compliance with road traffic rules and/ or exceeding the legal speed limit. Thus, the car rental company can charge an additional fee in this regard depending on the severity of the damage, for those.

Our company offers you three packages for a transparent and worry-free rental;

Basic Insurance - in this package you have included the mandatory RCA according to the CSA rules in force. If you cause an accident, damages or defects on the rented car, you are directly responsible for the value of the incurred costs.

Premium Protection - will significantly reduce the warranty for the rented car and will automatically reduce the cost of any damages. This package contains the mandatory RCA according to the CSA rules in force.

Comprehensive Protection - offers you the comfort of a rental with 0 risk and 0 worries. The package contains the mandatory RCA according to the CSA rules in force and total protection in case of damage but does not cover acts of vandalism. Your obligation is only to notify us when and if any kind of problems arise so that we can help you in solving the problems that have arisen.

The guarantee  is   returned :

You will receive the guarantee money back if you return the car in the same conditions as when you took it over.

The customer is obliged and directly responsible to present supporting documents from the competent authorities for any damage.

It is very important to know that you are not allowed to leave the country with a car rented from us if you do not have our consent.

II.                  pricing

It is important to know that some additional taxes can be added to the price for renting a car, which we will talk about further.

The delivery or pick-up of the car made outside our company's headquarters is paid in such a way that for the pick-up you will pay 10 euros, and for the return also 10 euros.

The delivery or pick-up of the car outside outside opening hours (9:00-20:00) is paid for 10 euros, and for the return also 10 euros.

The airport tax must be paid if you want to rent a car and it must arrive at this location, and you must pay 10 euros for delivery and 10 euros for return.

The cancellation fee is the one according to which you will want to return the car in a different city than the one where you rented it, and this fee is paid depending on the number of kilometers between the two towns.

If you want an additional driver, you will have to pay 20 euros for the driver, regardless of the period for which you want to rent the car.

For the child seat, you will have to pay a fee starting with 5 euros, but no more than 30 euros, regardless of the period for which you want to rent a car.

The fee for winter tires is 4 euros regardless of the period for which you want to rent a car, and the fee is valid for the entire duration of the cold season.

Smoking inside our cars is strictly prohibited and is charged with a penalty of 120 euros.

The return of an excessively dirty car (stains on the upholstery, household waste, footprints on the dashboard and/or seats, cigarette smell, etc.) is charged 75 euros.

And for the delivery of cars in other cities, a displacement fee is charged, which you will have to pay, in case there is no company car in that location, on the date you want to rent it. In this sense, the fee that will have to be paid will be calculated according to the distance between the two localities, which is called the displacement distance.

If you want to rent a car for a period longer than 30 days, you can have a personalized offer, which means that you can have some benefits and prices that you will negotiate with the rental company.

The prices for renting a car can include CASCO insurance, RCA insurance, unlimited kilometers.

Prices do not include fuel.

If you want to rent a car with a driver, you will have to pay an additional fee of 50 euros for 12 hours.

Each additional hour is charged with 10 euros per hour, and the prices include VAT.

If you lose the keys, documents or registration plates in the rented car, then the guarantee fee will be withheld, i.e. the equivalent of 150 euros.

Also, any extension of the rental contract can only be done after payment, otherwise after 5 hours from the expiration of the rental contract, the car is considered stolen. The competent authorities will be notified.

III.              Making Reservations

If you want to make a reservation for the desired car, you can go to www.inchirieri-masini.com or you can contact us at the phone number +40 726 40 40 40, and also at the email address: office@inchirieri- cars.com.

If you will do this, your request must contain some requirements, after which we can figure out why you want to rent and the period. Thus, in the reservation you want to make, you must include:

- Type of car;

- The period for which you want to rent the car;

- The time and place where you want to pick up the car;

- The customer's name, surname, the name and surname of the second driver if it differs from the customer's name, and opt to enter two people in the rental contract in the drivers column;

- The number of drivers who will drive the car during its rental period (If you do not declare the people who will drive the car, and unfortunately there will be an accident, you will have to bear all the expenses for repairs, if that undeclared person was the one who caused the accident;

- The payment method you want to opt for (cash, payment order, credit card)

- The currency in which you want to make the payment (Euro, USD, Ron).

IV.              Cancellation of Reservations

If you would like to cancel a previously made reservation, you should know that you can do so at least 48 hours before taking over the car and starting the rental of the car you have opted for. If this does not happen, then you must pay the full amount of the rental for the past period initially in the reservation you made.

If you have any other questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address: office@inchirieri-masini.com, or at the contact details displayed on the website, and in the shortest time you will have answers to everything related to the services of car rentals that we offer.Google Translate

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